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Application Note
Designing a Flyback Power Supply Using The N3856x Series
Designing a Forward Power Supply Using The N3858x Series
N5100 Universal Switching Buffer
Calculating Method For The Power Dissipation of N5100
Brown in/out Circuit For N386x Series
Demo Board
12V/0.6A N3861P Demo Board Report
12V/1A N3862P Demo Board Report
12V/5A N3860PG Demo Board Report
5V/2.4A N3862PG Demo Board Report
5V/3A N3860VG Demo Board Report
5V/0.8A N386APG Demo Board Report
Design Guidebook
Comparisons For NIKO Full-bridge Solution
OLP Circuit For N386x Series
N3858V Forward Synchronous Rectification Description
N386x Application Information
N386x Layout Guideline
N386x Series Description
Flyback Synchronous Rectification Power Supply Application Information
Data Sheet
‧Battery Charger Controller ( N3857, N3859 )
‧CCFL Inverter Controller ( N5100, N5111 )
‧Green Mode PWM Controller and Primary Switcher ( N3860, N3861, N3862, N386A )
‧Synchronous Rectification Controller ( N3856, N3866, N3858, N3867 )